Matfield Motors – Web Development – Car Dealer

Matfield Motors – Web Development – Car Dealer

This client wanted a professional site to showcase their mid to high-end vehicle sales business. I had free reign to create the look and feel. They just wanted something different, high-end and to beat the competition.

A logo was part of the process here. The client wanted a whole new corporate image to which I gave a choice of designs and then also went with the clients instincts in terms of final touches to the logo/colour scheme.

The site showcases their vehicles in a number of ways. The main homepage showcases what is their featured vehicles. In a nice, easy to navigate slideshow that is clickable with a little bit of info about each one.

The website is fully responsive in design and function. This helps the client achieve exposure to all avenues of business and browsing by hitting all device markets.

The filter system for the vehicles means that the possibilities are endless in terms of stock amount/pricing etc.

A sell your car page was also requested. Simple in its form but gets the info quickly to the client so they can react quickly to requests for appraisals.

Image above shows another page requested showing the badges of the cars currently in stock for the business. Makes for a nice user experience.

Browsing the vehicle page on Matfield Motors gives different types of views depending on user preference. With quick-info about the vehicles, saving a click to get some information.

A blog function is available. The client can expand their content on-demand by their own functioning control panel. Add/remove vehicles, post blog updates, change content. etc.

Client name
Matfield Motors ltd
CMS, DNS, EMAIL, Design, Function, Corporate Design, security